Meet Garry Nicol / The owner of Gazzcall Building Services Ltd, your local all trades builder

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Gazzcall’s owner, Talks about his experience in the Building trade.

I first started working as a Plumbing and Heating Engineer over 19 years ago.  Before creating my own business, I spent time learning other trades and quickly realised how much I loved every aspect of the building trade.

I was quick to pick up the skills from other trades when working on my plumbing and heating jobs and got interested in how the planning of a multi trade job happened.  I remember working with an excellent plasterer over 10 years ago and it inspired me to try and be the best at what I did.

After working for other people for a number of years on hundreds of jobs I came to realise that it is a big challenge to get a great quality finish as there are so many things that can impact what the customer gets.  I would come across other trade people who had lower standards than me and it became frustrating.

This led me to decide to build a company myself, where I could be in charge of the quality delivered to our customers.  So, 7 years ago I started Gazzcall Building Services Ltd. A local all trades building company based in Clarkston in the South Side of Glasgow.

When I started in business my model was to use the focus I had on quality I developed when working for others, and take complete ownership of this by carefully selecting my team of experienced trades people to take care yet be quick and efficient on all the jobs taken on by Gazzcall Building Services Ltd.

Since starting Gazzcall Building Services Ltd. has completed such a wide range of jobs, from small fixes to bathrooms to large house extensions.  We offer a wide range of improvements for your home or commercial premises and specialise in Boilers, Heating and Plumbing, Kitchen and Bathroom installations and House Extensions.

We only employ hardworking and trustworthy individuals, and I’m proud of what we’ve achieved so far as a team.  I’m excited about the future and investing in our processes, systems and team to ensure we can continue to deliver the excellent service I always aim to deliver to my customers.

I find that some customers are wary of builders, given the bad reputation created by a few cowboys.    Dealing with builders shouldn’t be scary. I believe that your builder should understand what you want and need from day one.  I always try and help my customers work out what it is they want, on their terms. I love seeing the customers reaction when we finish their amazing new kitchen, knowing that they got what they really wanted because I spent time helping them to work this out.

We always have jobs underway in and around the South Side of Glasgow.  You are more than welcome to visit us onsite, meet our team, view our work, and have a chat about a potential project or anything else.

Hopefully you’ll choose Gazzcall Building Services Ltd. as your preferred Contractor for your project.

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